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Desque is a holistic branding agency

In a digital age where everything is happening so fast, there is only a finite amount of time to catch a potential lead's attention. Desque is here to catch that attention and bring the WOW factor to your clients. 



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Our Approach


I. Branding Assessment

What do your clients see first? Most often it is your website and your forms of advertising. Think of these as your front-line. We perform a thorough, customized assessment of these channels, unraveling the story behind the data and numbers, to help make your business shine. Once you give us access to your analytics, we’ll review current and past activity, identify trends in your data, and pinpoint what has worked and what hasn’t worked. Then, we’ll create a report and share our analysis and recommendations with you. We’ll give you a set of questions to work through so you can start improving your online footprint.

II. Discovery

Once we perform our assessment, we will host a discovery call and/or meeting with your team to dive into the deep waters of your marketing and sales processes and find out what truly resonates with your target audience—and of course, what DOESN’T. During our conversation, we’ll discuss your overall business vision so we can come up with a comprehensive strategy and action plan.

III. Analyze & Research

Our team will then analyze this wealth of information even further to create a detailed, customized client snapshot. We’ll use every piece of data and research to help you improve your marketing processes and boost your sales.

IV. Architecture

Next comes the lifeblood of our work: we’ll form a bulletproof blueprint outlining the architecture of our gameplan. Our team will continue to work closely with your team during this stage. The architecture phase ensures that our goals are properly aligned with each other and that the project stays on track.

V. Design & Development

Once our blueprint is in place, our design team will begin to carefully craft a great user experience that meets your marketing and functionality goals. We combine award-winning visuals, robust technical engines, and strong attention to detail to ensure that your website and front-end channels beautifully resonate across any device.

VI. Testing & Delivery

We hate bugs. We hate complications. That’s why we thoroughly test everything to make sure that your website and front-end channels work seamlessly. We check that both the internal and external user experience are bulletproof. Once we wrap up our testing phase, we move on to the most exciting phase—delivery, where we will implement all our technologies, systems, and manpower to ensure success.

VII. Ongoing Partnership

Our relationship doesn’t end here. Our customer support is second-to-none and we are always proactively monitoring and working to improve the processes in your overall business infrastructure.

What Clients Are Saying

Desque was exceptional to work with. Understanding, smart, talented and filled with ideas, Desque laid down the groundwork and with my pickiness came upon a logo and complete brand design that I loved.
Alex Bui

Amazing service with amazing products! From creating a simple logo to social media campaigns, they provide a very seamless process. They are one of the very few honest and forthcoming companies I have worked with!
Neel Desai

Had my whole brand designed for my company by Desque and I could not be any happier with the outcome. Even with my close deadlines they were able to print and have everything organized for a quick pickup—highly recommend.
Nicolas Sanchez
Global Air Services

The quality of their work was exceptional and they always provided their honest opinion even if I didn't agree with it. This constructive criticism helped perfect the look and feel of our brand.
Tejus Patel
Mint Crate