Making Knowledge Work For You

Desque is a holistic experience agency

Our Model is simple, yet custom-tailored for our clients. Each client and each industry is different so through careful planning, we developed a 8-pronged holistic approach that covers all the bases. We utilize this as our blueprint for success.



Business Infrastructure

Customer Relations Management
SAAS Applications
Voice Over IP


Brand Identity

Brand Design
Story Telling
User Experience
Brand Management


Business Intelligence

Internal Processes
Marketing & Sales Cycle
Project Collaboration & Management
Data & Analytics

Our Approach


I. Online Footprint Assessment

What do your clients see first? Most often it is your website and your forms of advertising. Think of these as your front-line. We perform a thorough assessment of these channels. Our clients provide access to their analytics. Together we review current and past activity, trends that we see, as well as results to see what works and what hasn’t worked. We will create a report and share with you our analysis and recommendations and come prepared with questions for you to further improve your Online Footprint. We want to truly unravel the story that the data and numbers (all the quantitative stuff) are telling us! We can’t be cookie-cutter with our approach with our prospects, we custom-tailor our approach to you!

II. Discovery

Once we perform our Assessment, we will host a Discovery Call and/or Meeting with your team to dive into the deep waters of your marketing and sales processes and find out what your target audience truly resonates with..and of course what DOESN’T. We want to fully integrate your overall business vision into our conversation to come up with a comprehensive strategy and action plan.

III. Analyze & Research

With all this wealth of information, we utilize our team to thoroughly analyze EVEN further and come up with a detailed Client Snapshot. Every business is different and we aim to make sure that every bit of data and research is proactively used to further enhance your sales and marketing processes.

IV. Architecture

Once we gather all this data, we will form a bulletproof blueprint outlining the architecture of our gameplan. This is our lifeblood and we will ensure that our team collaborates closely with your team in this blueprint. The architecture phase ensures that our goals are properly aligned with each other and that the project stays on track

V. Design & Development

Once our architecture is in place, our Design team will begin to carefully craft a user experience that meets your marketing and functionality goals. Attention to detail is everything. We combine award-winning visuals as well as robust technical engines to ensure that your website and front-end channels beautifully resonate across any device and becomes your pride and joy.

VI. Testing & Delivery

We hate bugs. We hate complications. Our thorough testing ensures that you can sleep well knowing that your website and frontend channels work seamlessly with your vision and goals. We make sure that the user-experience, both externally and internally, are bulletproof. Once our testing phase is over, it’s time for the exciting phase, Delivery. We will implement all our technologies, systems, and our manpower to ensure success

VII. Reporting. Testing. Optimize.

Business strategy is a living and breathing process. It needs to constantly be reassessed to improve what is working and fix what is not. We will asses our architecture and make sure we adapt to your end vision. Our work is never over, we intend to deliver.

VIII. Ongoing Partnership

Our relationship doesn’t end here. Our customer support is second-to-none and we are always proactively monitoring and working to improve the processes in your overall business infrastructure

What Clients Are Saying

Desque was exceptional to work with. Understanding, smart, talented and filled with ideas, Desque laid down the groundwork and with my pickiness came upon a logo and complete brand design that I loved.
Alex Bui

Amazing service with amazing products! From creating a simple logo to social media campaigns they provide a very seamless proccess. They are one of the very few honest and forth coming companies I have worked with!
Neel Desai
AD Crypto

Had my whole brand designed for my company by Desque and I could not be any happier with the outcome. Even with my close deadlines with were able to print and have everything organized for a quick pickup highly recommend.
Nicolas Sanchez
Global Air Services

The quality of their work was exceptional and they always provided their honest opinion even if I didn't agree with it. This constructive criticism helped perfect the look and feel of our brand
Tejus Patel
Mint Crate