Making Knowledge Work For You

Desque is a holistic experience agency

We're a team of explorers, scientists, revolutionaries, and occasional gamers. We approach work the same way we approach our personal lives—full of curiosity and constantly striving to be the best version of ourselves. By living our professional and personal lives to the fullest, we’re able to push boundaries and jump obstacles. We then make our dedication, determination, and expertise work for you.

Our Mission

Whether your business serves people delicious food or keeps their homes cool, you need a strong online presence to draw people in and make a sale. You also need seamless communication and collaboration between different departments of your business.

That’s where Desque comes in. As an infrastructure and analytics company, we’ll polish your website, dive into your social media analytics, and thoroughly evaluate your team’s inner processes. When we work with a company, we dig deep. Through extensive research and conversations, we learn what is and isn’t working in the project management, sales, and marketing departments. We then give your team the tips and tools they need to collaborate and tackle tasks efficiently.

Our Desque will take your business to a higher level. Are you ready to maximize your reach and profits? Contact us. We’re excited to work with you.

What to Expect


What We Do

I. Exceed Expectation
II. Detail Oriented
III. Bar Setters
IV. Think Outside the Box
V. Show Stoppers
VI. Value Relationships
VII. Fist Bump
VIII. Explore
IX. Celebrate
X. Happy Hour

What We Don't

I. Disappoint
II. Complain
III. Lose our Cool
IV. Ego
V. Crack Under Pressure
VI. Lose at Super Smash Bros
VII. Quality for Profit
VIII. Miss the Last Cup
IX. Resist Sweets
X. Lose MMR

Fun Facts


People use the internet


"Gangnam Style" by Psy view count


Horsepower needed for the internet to operate


Emails are sent in a single day


Facebook users


Spent on social media advertisment


Blogs are posted each month


Searched are made on Google